Thursday, December 3, 2009

Social Events Inspiration for "The Green Table"

The Holocaust- 1933-1945
Nazi Germany- 1933-1945
WWII- 1939-1945
All of these events are monumental and very much a part of Kurt Jooss’ inspiration. With three events of this proportion, Jooss drew from these experiences when creating his dances. He was personally affected since he was a German himself and had to deal with these tragedies on a very personal level. His most recognized dance, The Green Table, deals with each of these events. The dance opens with politicians debating very heatedly. This would symbolize the Nazi rise in Germany as well as WWII. The dance then progresses with a heavy emphasis on Death, as it enters each scene and claims a life. This is representative of WWII and The Holocaust. Death comes swiftly and does not care which life he claims. Everyone is affected and Death continues on in a timely fashion.

"Death" and "The Soldier"

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  1. I can see how evident it is that Joos was affected the way he was by the Holocaust, WWII,and Nazi Germany because of his German heritage. Also, from what you wrote I can tell how these events truly influenced his dancing.